Conventionally Unconventional


We want to make your event a success with live music your guests won’t soon forget. We are a talented and professional covers band bringing a unique mixture of sounds and musical styles tailored to meet the feel of an event and the acoustic inclinations of you and your guests. You can trust us to guarantee the entertainment at your event runs smoothly. Check out the different musical ideas we have to offer below.


We all love our music. It's a fundamental part of what we do. We are five strong; Chris on Drums, Andy on Bass, Jim on Keyboards, Helen on Vocals and Michael on guitar and lead singer. We all do a spot of vocals, whether lead or backing.

All the music we play, we love. Here are a few of the songs we have available in our repertoire. Summer Of 69 - Bryan Adams, Dance The Night Away - The Mavericks, Brown Sugar - Rolling Stones, Lay Down Sally - Eric Clapton, Im a Believer - The Monkees. Plus all the old rock and roll songs you want at the party.

We constantly rehearse new songs, so we don't just play the same songs over and over. Every gig is a bit different.

Another novel idea we promote is:

The customer doesn't pay through the nose for entertainment'
We are not in it for the money. (But you do need to pay us saying that :-) We watch the going rates and try to be very competitive so we can stay out playing for you. Gives us a ring or send us an email to be pleasantly surprised.

As a working pro band, We are one hundred percent self sufficient and ready for your event. We bring all the equipment needed, including a bit of a light show where appropriate and our own sound engineer. We don't mind if we are entertaining at a party, a dinner/dance, a wedding, anything basically. All we ask in return is a bit of planning in advance with us regarding space, power, access to venue etc. We are happy to provide background music whilst food is served (As long as you give us a plate as well please :-)

Berkshire, Bucks & Oxfordshire

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